We are Network Ninja, a fully remote software company.

We achieve and hire expert-level knowledge in our clients’ fields via our talented, growing team across North America.

Meet our team.

We started out with a handful of developers. Now, our crew includes non-profit attorneys, social workers, data analysts, project managers, marketing gurus, and other specialists. Our differences allow us to serve clients in new and better ways.

  • Photo of Matt Bochneak.

    Matt Bochneak


    homebody runner, oxford comma enthusiast, 2017 Portland transplant, pretty good whirlyballer, character counter, motivated by food and wine.

    • Photo of Andy Plax.

      Andy Plax


      Graduate of a prestigious middle school and founding partner of Network Ninja.

      • Photo of IV Ashton.

        IV Ashton

        Counsel & President, LegalServer

        • Photo of Jon Snell.

          Jon Snell


          • Photo of Ryan Shay.

            Ryan Shay

            Spotlight 🔦


            Software Engineer, Database Dictator, Toddler Wrangler, Ninja of Nonsense. I build things and tame wild developers for fun and profit.

            • Photo of Joshua Mullin.

              Joshua Mullin

              Spotlight 🔦


              I split my time evenly between Michigan and the rest of the world. I travel incessantly (some might say obsessively).

              • Photo of Ron Wilhoite.

                Ron Wilhoite

                Support Lead

                Mottos: It's all about client service. Question authority.

                • Photo of Alex Escalona.

                  Alex Escalona


                  • Photo of Robin de Bled.

                    Robin de Bled


                    I cannot self-terminate. You must lower me into the steel.

                    • Photo of Katrina Corbi.

                      Katrina Corbi

                      Business Analyst

                      Account Manager. Art Brat. Gamer Extraordinaire.

                      • Photo of Tyler Lannom.

                        Tyler Lannom


                        • Photo of John Williams.

                          John Williams


                          Books, Beats, Biking, Beer and Bolunteering.

                          • Photo of Jason Crittenden.

                            Jason Crittenden


                            • Photo of James Jennison.

                              James Jennison

                              Business Analyst

                              Climber, skier, traveler, and random hobby enthusiast.

                              • Photo of Leah Brach.

                                Leah Brach

                                Business Analyst

                                • Photo of Jeff Hogue.

                                  Jeff Hogue

                                  Business Analyst

                                  Iconoclast, injustice fighter, marathon paddler, and Ubuntu addict. Integrator of things and people. Kansas from the boots down.

                                  • Photo of Jim Watson.

                                    Jim Watson


                                    • Photo of Nick LaFoy.

                                      Nick LaFoy

                                      Business Analyst

                                      Professional browser tab hoarder. Favorite movie: Paul Blart Mall Cop. But seriously, so many tabs.

                                      • Photo of Xander Karsten.

                                        Xander Karsten

                                        Business Analyst

                                        Coffee lover. Subtly charming internet junkie. Amateur tech geek. Avid paddler. Lawyer turned cat herder.

                                        • Photo of Mike Matz.

                                          Mike Matz


                                          Web & mobile developer, surfer, snowboarder, cyclist, photographer, traveler.

                                          • Photo of Marcel Appelman.

                                            Marcel Appelman

                                            Front-End Developer

                                            Tall, skinny Dutch guy with a penchant for cycling, Nutella, and nerdy computer crap.


                                          • Photo of Steve Dolloff.

                                            Steve Dolloff


                                            • Photo of Deanna Phillips.

                                              Deanna Phillips

                                              Business Analyst

                                              Software archaeologist, amateur naturalist, trepid explorer.

                                              • Photo of Aaron Krause.

                                                Aaron Krause

                                                Solutions Director

                                                25+ years sales guy who appreciates as much time as possible with four kids and life outdoors skiing or hiking.

                                                • Photo of Alison Bovaird.

                                                  Alison Bovaird

                                                  Digital Librarian

                                                  Professional paper filer and amateur homebody with a raging maple syrup problem.

                                                  • Photo of Brian Mulvihill.

                                                    Brian Mulvihill

                                                    Support Specialist

                                                    Sci-fi/fantasy lover, board game player, avid video game enthusiast. Always learning and willing to lend a helping hand.

                                                    • Photo of Tom Reese.

                                                      Tom Reese

                                                      Content & Marketing

                                                      Above-average father and husband. Beach lover. Renaissance man. Philly sports fan. Bad golfer.

                                                      • Photo of Steven Rapp.

                                                        Steven Rapp


                                                        Accidental Technologist, Former Science Teacher, Volleyball Player, and Coffee Lover. Lives in Boise, Idaho with his family.

                                                        • Photo of Ashley Sepers.

                                                          Ashley Sepers

                                                          Sales Coordinator

                                                          Amateur philosopher. Wrestling aficionado. Lover of baked goods, books, and fall weather.

                                                          • Photo of Ted Buckenham.

                                                            Ted Buckenham

                                                            Training Specialist

                                                            Bridge between CACs and ITs, I love my family, photography, and trail hiking.. and also anything that has wires or bluetooth.

                                                            • Photo of Thomas O'Reilly.

                                                              Thomas O'Reilly

                                                              Training Specialist

                                                              Loves tea, snow days, ocean breezes, and quiet woods.

                                                              • Photo of Kaitlin Tharp.

                                                                Kaitlin Tharp

                                                                Business Analyst

                                                                Nomadic skier, backpacker, book-lover, board-gamer, and beach-seeker.

                                                                • Photo of Keithia Stegmann.

                                                                  Keithia Stegmann


                                                                  Can't think of a bio. Will the photo suffice?

                                                                  • Photo of Annie Boukes.

                                                                    Annie Boukes


                                                                    Nak Muay Farang, wanna-be actress, old school programmer, slave to cats, might be a titan.

                                                                    • Photo of Nolan Smith.

                                                                      Nolan Smith


                                                                      Junior Developer with a love for motorcycles. A true born and bred Chicago sports fan.

                                                                      • Photo of Craige Harrison.

                                                                        Craige Harrison


                                                                        Lawyer and technologist. Loves playing with new gadgets and new adventures, volunteering, and spending time with family as much as possible.

                                                                        • Photo of Jake Ferina.

                                                                          Jake Ferina


                                                                          Nomadic explorer. Wanderer but not lost. Used to build houses but now builds software. Deadhead for life.

                                                                          • Photo of Dylan McDonald.

                                                                            Dylan McDonald


                                                                            Developer, teacher, free thinker, Trekkie, and lover of New Mexico green chile. Code is my craft and kitties are my passion.

                                                                            • Photo of Matthew Cicero.

                                                                              Matthew Cicero

                                                                              Strategy & Business Development

                                                                              Father of 3. Husband of 1. Adjusting to suburban life. News junkie, cheap beer lover, coffee enthusiast.

                                                                              • Photo of Chris Schwartz.

                                                                                Chris Schwartz

                                                                                Support Specialist

                                                                                Caution: May contain dated cultural references, obscure comic book trivia, and sarcasm.

                                                                                • Photo of Scott Swafford.

                                                                                  Scott Swafford

                                                                                  Data Analyst

                                                                                  Overeducated and underdressed. Likes: dogs, science fiction/fantasy, running. Dislikes: neckties and decaf.

                                                                                  • Photo of Michael Hofrichter.

                                                                                    Michael Hofrichter


                                                                                    Houston-based legal guru, tech nerd, and big reader. Family first. Also enjoys outdoor circular things, especially frisbee and cycling.

                                                                                    • Photo of Dan Michael.

                                                                                      Dan Michael


                                                                                      Here's a picture. Feel free to crop as required. Still working on the words.

                                                                                      • Photo of Jim Vasky.

                                                                                        Jim Vasky


                                                                                        Avid skier, outdoorsman, and beer/scotch fan. Located in the 'Pizza Capital of the World.'

                                                                                        • Photo of Bob Micheletto.

                                                                                          Bob Micheletto


                                                                                          Observed most commonly in front of: pool tables, computers, & lunch counters. Occasionally spotted on top of, or face down next to: bicycles.

                                                                                          • Photo of Amanda Hart.

                                                                                            Amanda Hart


                                                                                            Developer, Cellist, T-Shirt Enthusiast, Collector, Gamer, Food Lover. Order randomized on any given day.

                                                                                            • Photo of Natalie Simons.

                                                                                              Natalie Simons

                                                                                              Account Manager

                                                                                              Excitable introvert. Pop culture trivia enthusiast. Sucker for overambitious reading challenges. Lover of (unfathomably) bad movies.

                                                                                              • Photo of Michael Berding.

                                                                                                Michael Berding


                                                                                                Jack of many, master of none. Loves building things. Currently nomadic, seeking the perfect property.

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