Our products

Since 1998, Network Ninja has developed 3 diverse core products, and an expertise in each of the 3 sectors. While our applications can be delivered and used “out of the box”, we created them with flexibility and scalability in mind. That gives our clients a solution that is cost effective while being able to grow and expand as they do, through customizations and modular add-ons. Web-based methodology allows for both easy deployment and future module rollouts while being secure and easy to manage with or without on-site IT staff.

MainEvent is a cloud-based app that enables agencies and brands to manage all aspects of their experiential and field marketing campaigns.

  • Track events & programs with custom dashboards.
  • Manage staff, resources and PR materials.
  • Analyze event metrics and ROI with custom reports.

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Collaboration software for teams, generally used by non-profits and social services agencies. Enable staff to collectively work on a unified system to share case information and ensure that all clients are treated with the best care possible.

  • Track case information, all the way through intake, providing services, setting goals, and recording outcomes.
  • Go beyond the data with intelligent core features such as: case history, medical exams, test results, custom reports & more.
  • Our award-winning web-based solution is secure & easy to use, whether a novice or a power user.

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Smart, customizable case management software for non-profit civil legal aid agencies and public defenders looking to streamlime, automate, and simplify their workflow.

  • Customize your intake process to match your exact workflow and data needs.
  • Over 25 modules let you scale and track the case aspects that other vendors miss.
  • Manage users, reports, calendars, contacts & more with our suite of administrative tools.
  • No annual license fees, no “per seat” user fees and no third party technologies to license.

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Key benefits of our products

All our products can be customized and specifically tailored to match your organization's requirements.

Bundled with encryption, robust logging, roles-based permissions, and powerful monitoring tools.

Deployed in production, and in constant development, for over a decade: we can get you up and running quick.