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  • florida-and-michigan-embrace-collaborate

    Florida and Michigan Embrace Collaborate for Networks

    More than 130 CACs in the USA will rely on Collaborate to help run their organizations.

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  • childrens-advocacy-centers-of-texas-uses-collaborate-for-their-statewide-solution-for-cacs

    Children's Advocacy Centers of Texas Uses Collaborate's Statewide Solution for CACs

    How we work toward CACTX' vision to reach every child, provide every service, and make every effort.

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  • more-and-more-agencies-team-up-with-mainevent
    More and More Agencies Team up with MainEvent

    We're super excited to add a whopping 5 new clients to the MainEvent roster.

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  • a-focus-on-the-wellbeing-of-kids
    A Focus on the Wellbeing of Kids

    3 New Collaborate clients that have a positive impact on children and families that really need it.

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  • network-ninja-donates-$1000-to-one-lucky-non-profit
    Network Ninja donates $1000 to One Lucky Non-Profit!

    What a fantastic week in Dallas at the 28th Annual Crimes Against Children Conference!

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  • two-more-agencies-partner-with-mainevent
    Two More Agencies Partner With MainEvent

    Pro Motion and Hollywood's Productions will use MainEvent for their experiential marketing campaigns.

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  • introducting-collaborate-for-networks
    Introducing Collaborate for Networks

    For groups that need to communicate and securely share sensitive data between other organizations that use Collaborate.

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  • legalserver-2016-training-calendar
    LegalServer 2016 Training Calendar

    Free 1 hour training on a variety of topics.

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  • directohispanic-mainevent-case-study
    DirecToHispanic MainEvent Case Study

    How we helped DirecToHispanic track their in-store executions in real time!

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  • mainevent-case-studies
    MainEvent Case Studies

    Find out how MainEvent helped out 2 major agencies with their experiential campaigns.

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  • legalserver-rebranding
    Legalserver Rebranding

    LegalServer gets a new site and a fresh new logo.

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  • legalserver-adds-text-message-features
    Legalserver Adds Text Message Features

    LegalServer integrates Twilio, a cloud communication platform, to its suite of features.

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  • collaborate-launch-insights-for-the-denton-county-cac
    Collaborate Launch Insights for the Denton County CAC

    With 40,000 cases, 400,000 services, and over 250,000 case notes!

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  • groundswell-drops-in-with-mainevent
    Groundswell Drops in with MainEvent

    Brand new experiential marketing agency from Texas

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  • denver-and-denton-the-newest-cacs-logging-into-collaborate
    Denver and Denton the Newest CACs Logging in to Collaborate

    More and more organizations use Collaborate

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  • mainevent-adds-3-award-winning-clients
    MainEvent Adds Three Award Winning Clients

    Allied, Cárdenas and Momentum have all picked up our experiential analytics software.

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  • exciting-news-from-mainevent
    Exciting News from Mainevent

    Our experiential marketing software gets a new logo, a new site and three new clients.

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  • greenhouse-agency-selects-mainevent
    Greenhouse Agency Selects MainEvent

    Greenhouse cultivates brand loyalty through innovative, non-traditional, and fully-integrated brand experiences.

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  • cacdc-pick-collaborate
    CACDC Picks Collaborate

    Children's Advocacy Center of Denton County Texas will use Collaborate to electronically manage all their programs.

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  • newbridge-picks-mainevent
    Newbridge Picks MainEvent

    From college programs, to mobile tours, Newbridge has an extensive portfolio for some of the most recognized brands.

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  • img-will-use-mainevent
    IMG Will Use MainEvent

    IMG is a global leader in sports, fashion and media operating in more than 30 countries around the world.

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  • terry-hines-chooses-mainevent
    Terry Hines Chooses MainEvent

    A trusted agency for over 40 years specializing in promoting brands and properties.

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  • match-action-goes-on-tour-with-mainevent
    Match Action Goes on Tour With MainEvent

    Match Action is a great experiential agency that creates moments of brand play.

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  • welcome-aboard-pmkbnc
    Welcome Aboard PMK•BNC

    PMK•BNC is a global authority on lifestyle, pop culture and entertainment.

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  • event-marketer-2014-it-list
    Event Marketer 2014 It List

    Proud to see a handful of MainEvent clients included on the EventMarketer 2014 Top 100 Event Agencies list!

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  • burst-teams-up-with-mainevent
    Burst Teams Up with MainEvent

    Burst takes things to the road and into the hands of the consumer in every possible way.

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  • mainevent-and-escalate-now-to-partner
    MainEvent and Escalate Now to Partner

    NYC based Escalate Now, gurus of real-time marketing, have chosen MainEvent to manage their experiential marketing initiatives.

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  • mainevent-and-walton-isaacson-partner
    MainEvent and Walton Isaacson Partner

    Walton Isaacson has been lauded for their innovative branding and ground breaking execution.

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  • mainevent-and-soho-experiential-to-increase-experiential-currency
    MainEvent and SoHo Experiential to Increase "Experiential Currency"

    SoHo Experiential has earned a place in the Who's Who of brand strategists by bringing nontraditional events to the public.

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  • mainevent-and-fluid-holdings-to-carve-path-in-marketplace
    MainEvent and Fluid Holdings to Carve Path in Marketplace

    The Florida based company maximizes brand value and growth in a free-flowing, creative way.

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  • mainevent-and-genuine-health-to-make-the-world-a-healthier-place
    MainEvent and Genuine Health to Make the World a Healthier Place

    A leading brand in health and wellness supplements, Genuine Health continues on its innovative path launching new products across the category.

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  • moosylvania-chooses-mainevent
    Moosylvania Chooses MainEvent

    Digital and interactive powerhouse, Moosylvania has chosen MainEvent as a partner in managing their experiential marketing campaigns.

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  • collaborate-launches-hope-for-the-warriors
    Collaborate Launches Hope for the Warriors!

    Hope for the Warriors is a non-profit that dedicates themselves to enhancing the lives of post 9/11 service members and their families.

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  • mainevent-making-waves-with-amplitude-marketing
    MainEvent Making Waves with Amplitude Marketing

    Amplitude is an agency that thinks and a consultancy that does.

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  • trojanone-chooses-mainevent
    TrojanOne Chooses MainEvent

    TrojanOne creates award-winning brand experiences that are on message, on target, and compel consumers to act.

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  • desperado-chooses-mainevent
    Desperado Selects MainEvent

    Desperado delivers outstanding experiential marketing programs with a painstaking, maniacal attention to detail.

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  • team-enterprises-chooses-mainevent
    TEAM Enterprises Chooses MainEvent

    MainEvent joins with TEAM to help them manage their event marketing and experiential campaigns.

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  • bfg-chooses-mainevent
    BFG Selects MainEvent

    With Collaborate, BFG will turn their experiential marketing campaigns into epic memories.

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  • douglas-county-department-of-corrections-nears-launch
    Douglas County Department of Corrections nears launch

    Collaborate will manage the re-entry, work release, and education programs for inmates in Douglas County.

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  • mdc-partners-chooses-mainevent
    MDC Partners Utilizes MainEvent

    MDC is a global leader in the experiential and general advertising marketplace.

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  • united-distributors-chooses-mainevent
    United Distributors Chooses MainEvent

    United will apply its wealth of knowledge and success to utilize MainEvent to gauge the impact of its executions.

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  • inspira-chooses-mainevent
    Inspira Picks MainEvent

    Inspira has a wide spectrum of clients in the Spirit and Consumer Goods industries.

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  • spi-chooses-mainevent
    SPI Chooses MainEvent

    Since 1996, SPI has supported such customers as ABSOLUT Vodka, American Airlines and IBM.

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  • 206-inc-chooses-mainevent
    206 Inc. Chooses MainEvent

    Counting clients from Microsoft, Disney and Toyota, we're fortunate to have 206 on board.

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  • the-lesbian-gay-bisexual-transgender-community-center-enters-development-phase
    Gaycenter Enters Development Phase With Collaborate

    Every week 6,000 people visit the Center, and more than 300 groups meet there. We're proud to be working with them.

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  • ymca-of-greater-new-york-chooses-collaborate
    YMCA of Greater New York Chooses Collaborate

    A community service organization which promotes positive values through programs that build spirit, mind and body.

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  • hope-for-the-warriors-has-chosen-network-ninja
    Hope for the Warriors is Using Collaborate

    The mission of Hope For The Warriors is to enhance the quality of life for post-9/11 service members.

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  • traver-chooses-mainevent
    Traver Picks MainEvent

    Traver has focused on providing well executed experiential activations for their clients.

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  • group-cse-chooses-mainevent
    Group CSE chooses MainEvent

    CSE is led by a team of passionate experts in Marketing, Advertising, Digital, Media Services, and Client Representation.

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  • legalserver-makes-major-advances-in-generating-immigration-forms
    LegalServer Makes Major Advances in Generating Immigration Forms

    Reworking the way that LegalServer handles immigration forms

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  • gobee-chooses-mainevent
    GoBee chooses MainEvent

    GoBee Group is using MainEvent to manage the experiences that carve the path between consumers and brands.

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  • mainevent-and-sense-go-for-the-gold
    MainEvent and Sense Go for the Gold

    Sense creates flawless brand experiences for their clients.

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  • baretc-chooses-mainevent
    BARetc chooses MainEvent

    BARetc provides promotional specialists, custom events, and guerilla marketing teams in most major markets.

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  • legalserver-participates-in-technology-summit
    LegalServer Participates in Technology Summit

    Spurring ideas for expanding access to justice

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  • legalserver-featured-in-the-chicago-daily-law-bulletin
    LegalServer Featured in The Chicago Daily Law Bulletin

    Featuring the role of LegalServer in Launching Illinois Legal Aid Online

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  • supporter-of-the-6th-annual-investing-in-justice-campaign
    Supporter of the 6th Annual Investing in Justice Campaign

    LegalServer has joined others in the Chicago legal community to support this important project

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  • legalserver-and-northwest-justice-project-launch-clear-online
    LegalServer and Northwest Justice Project launch CLEAR*Online

    A legal management portal developed with LegalServer

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  • cgla-wins-2011-lumity-technology-award
    CGLA Wins 2011 Lumity Technology Award

    For their implementation of LegalServer

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  • cvls-latest-pro-bono-organization-to-adopt-legalserver
    CVLS Latest Pro Bono Organization to Adopt LegalServer

    One of the largest legal aid volunteer agencies in the country

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  • legalserver-integrates-gis
    LegalServer Integrates GIS

    Visualize case data like never before with advanced mapping features

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  • national-hotdocs-project-to-launch
    National HotDocs Project to Launch

    Newly integrated tool for legal aid agencies to send client case data to HotDocs

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  • legalserver-featured-at-the-goldmark-luncheon
    LegalServer Featured at the Goldmark Luncheon

    Ron Wihoite and IV Ashton will speak at a breakout session

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  • mainevent-goes-mobile
    MainEvent Goes Mobile

    Now you can track your event metrics and more on your iPhone or any other web enabled mobile devices from the field.

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  • ama-chooses-collaborate
    AMA Chooses Collaborate

    The system will facilitate their mental health, addiction, and occupational service tracking.

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  • next-level-chooses-mainevent
    Next Level Chooses MainEvent

    Next Level strives to provide consumers with unforgettable experiences and help their clients successfully achieve their brand building objectives.

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  • makai-picks-mainevent
    Makai Picks MainEvent

    Makai uses MainEvent to manage their campaigns that build a passionate relationship between brands and consumers.

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